Future Families Programmes

Our interventions are broadly separated into the following themes: Healthcare, Economic Empowerment, Gender Based Violence, Environmental/Agriculture and Social assistance for Refugees and Asylum seekers.

Our Healthcare programmes are currently supported by USAID through HIVSA and FHI360 and the Department of Social Development. These programmes are located in Gauteng and employ a staff compliment of over 150.

Our Economic Strengthening programmes are supported by the IDC, Ford Motor Company USA and FHI360.

Our GBV programme is supported by IDC and NACOSA. This programme is being rolled out in the Province of Limpopo and covers a large geographical area.

Our social assistance for those who are displaced are supported by UNHCR, UNICEF and Elma Philanthropies.

Future Families Programmes

PHVP (Preventing HIV/AIDS in Vulnerable Populations)

The PHVP programme is funded by USAID and managed by HIVSA. We serve 25 000 beneficiaries in the Tshwane district of Gauteng.



Funded via a Social Impact Bond this programmes provides evidence based differentiated services to high-risk young women in Moretele, North West.



Enterprise and Resource Centre

The FREC programme is aimed at providing high impact micro business training, mentorship and potential funding in Tshwane, Gauteng.



Intensive Economic Strengthening

The IES programme is funded by USAID and managed by FHI360. We serve 2330 beneficiaries in Gauteng and Limpopo.



Direct funding from the UNHCR to provide psycho-social support to asylum seekers and refugees.



Direct funding to provide emergency assistance to asylum seekers and refugees.



We want to empower families to create their own future

The growth into the Future Families
happened organically over a period of 15 years