Future Families

Future Families is a non-profit organization rendering quality services to orphans and vulnerable children and people infected with HIV/AIDS in South Africa.

Our Vision

The Future Families
vision is to empower families
to create their own futures.

Our Mission

The Future Families mission is to provide care and support to vulnerable children and their families, be they infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, refugees or have experienced sexual and gender-based violence, to ensure that children have a safe environment in which they can reach their full potential.

The HIV/AIDS pandemic has changed the face of families in Africa forever. The traditional generational structure of families is often no longer in place. Many grandparents who are too old for the role are raising their young grandchildren, and many “older” children are caring for their younger siblings.

This is the reality of families infected and affected by HIV in South Africa, and it is by no means the optimal family environment for young children to develop into well-functioning young adults.

Integrity – Teamwork – Respect – Accountability – Quality – Diversity – Responsibility – Empowerment – Community

In response to the reality, our organisation (with the help of our local and international support agencies) have developed an array of social work interventions to meet the emerging needs of Future Families and to empower them to create their own future