Clair Oxley-Oxland, Chairwoman

Clair Oxley-Oxland works in Human Resources at Panoramic Components. She has been actively involved with Future Families for many years.

Penny Learmonth, Executive Director

Penny Learmonth, is the founder of Future Families. She is a Social Worker with many years of experience in the fields of Child and Family Care and HIV/AIDS.


Jeff van Niekerk CA (SA), Director

Jeff van Niekerk is presently the Financial Manager at Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc. He has served in volunteer capacities in the Methodist Church and on school

Delia Nation, Director

Delia Nation is a Senior Social Worker with experience in victim empowerment and HIV/AIDS.

Jessica Huntley, Director

Jessica Huntley is a project manager with social enterprise expertise. She contributed to Future Families’ sustainability strategy in an operational role from 2013 to 2015.  She now works in the charity sector in the UK, broadening the Future Families global network and earned income prospects.