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The ‘Phetoho’ initiative (meaning ‘change’) sources quality second hand clothing to sell at affordable prices to carefully selected unemployed community members. These community members then sell the clothing at marked up prices to customers in their communities and beyond. The profits achieved ensure the sellers become financially and socially independent. Phetoho provides business skills training and supports the budding sellers. Through this supportive self-development training approach, the sellers develop skills in key business areas such as sales and marketing strategy and financial management, and real community entrepreneurs emerge. This simple and effective micro-enterprise model has the potential to transform our local communities and we see the difference that it is making on an individual level with several success stories emerging since its inception in 2012. With these successes behind us we are now working to scale this project up and ensure its accessibility to the community through local satellites at each of our offices.

Donate all unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories today!

CSIR, Building 10 A

Meiring Naude Road

Tel: 012 841 3223